Scrap metal recycling

The importance of scrap metal recycling

In recent years, recycling has become an essential activity and focus not just for individuals and households, but, for businesses as well. Recycling however is not only necessary in an effort to becoming environmentally friendly and supporting the planet to stay clean and healthy. From a financial perspective, recycling contributes to a better financial position by cutting expenses and helping utilise non-renewable resources more efficiently. As experts in scrap metal recycling, the Haggarty Group has prepared this brief article to explain to you some of the benefits associated with scrap metal recycling from a business perspective, and an environmental perspective.

Metals, from a recycling perspective, have two big benefits going for them. First, in comparison to the commonly recycled materials of paper and plastics, metals have the highest end value in terms of dollar price.  Second, metals are highly re-usable, able to be turned from one item into another and into another as the metal goes through its usage lifecycle. Steel for example is completely recyclable, and actually takes its place as the most recycled material in the world, even above plastics. These factors combined make scrap recycling very attractive, delivering benefits to the environment and adding a profitable extra income for your business.

Thanks to the re-usable nature of metals, metal recycling helps businesses improve financially by lowering production costs. As part of the recycling cycle metals are melted down to be reshaped and reused. As they do not lose any of their properties during this process, the end result is a cheaper output than if the metal was obtained and extracted from the raw materials coming out of mines. In addition, melting metals also reduces the carbon footprint and allows more effective utilisation of these non-renewable resources.

As an added benefit, recycling scrap metal stimulates the economy. According to the National Recycling Coalition (in the US), the overall recycling industry produces an approximate of USD $ 236 billion annually. Additionally, the recycling metal sector creates more jobs than sending the same amount of metal waste to the incinerator (by a factor of 36) or to a landfill (by a factor of 6).

Multiple benefits stem from scrap metal recycling; not only at a green level but also from a financial perspective resulting from the high ongoing demand for metals, which thankfully are easily reusable at a low expense. Do you have scrap metal needs we can help with? Come in-store now and talk to one of our professionals for trading your scrap. We do scrap for cash and offer to skip bin hire services in the Ipswich area. All your needs are met at The Haggarty Group, your one-stop-shop!