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Does your home need roof ventilation?

Our unique Australian weather presents several challenges for residential and commercial roofs, namely due to the severe temperature ranges and the often-high moisture content of the air. The challenges the Australian weather presents our roofs (apart from the destruction caused by storms) are unfortunately not fully understood by most property owners, who tend to underestimate the importance of things such as roof vents and the significant benefits these valuable additions make to the home and commercial space. Roof vents, short for roof ventilation systems, should form a part of every Australian roof, as the long-term benefits are good for the roof, the property, and the wallet!

Hence, the Haggarty Group has prepared this article to provide you with the two main reasons, the most fundamentals ones, as to why a roof ventilation system can benefit your roof.

  • Prolonged roof lifespan: roof ventilation systems prolong the lifespan of your roof by allowing the free flow of air, preventing your roof from reaching overheating levels during hot days, helping cool the house. Roofs that reach high temperatures also present higher levels of dust and moisture, both of which are detrimental for roofs in the long-term. In winter, roof ventilation plays a different role. When the weather cools, colder air streams combine with the warmth of the internal air, causing condensation. Long-term, if the dampness is not addressed, the roof timber structure can start rotting and degrading. Installing a roof vent may allow the free flow of air, avoiding the production of condensation and moisture.
  • Saving money on electricity bills: We all know that air conditioning is one of the most, if not the most, energy-consuming appliance in Australian homes. This is where one of the major benefits of the roof ventilation system comes into play. As temperatures rise outside, a correctly installed roof ventilation system will allow heat to escape from the roof cavity, thereby contributing to a cooler air feel inside the home and office. This, in turn, may reduce the necessity of using your air conditioning unit for long hours, which ends up reducing your electricity bill.

In brief, roof ventilation systems bring several benefits  to you and your wallet; both in the long and the short term. Whether it be by extending the lifespan of your roof (thereby saving costs associated with repairing and replacing), or by reducing the reliance on your air conditioner as a result of the escape of heat through roof vents, this is one investment all property owner should be making.

If you would like to talk to a professional about roof ventilation for your home or business, then contact the specialists at The Haggarty Group. Come in-store now and find the correct roof vent that best suits your house needs.

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