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Steel Line Pipe

From: $33.59
A Line Pipe is manufactured from high-strength carbon steel. Steel Line Pipe is used for transporting crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas and water.

Steel Plate Q&T

From: $6,236.37
The Haggarty Group supplies quenched and tempered steel plate (Q&T) grades to manufacturers and construction companies. They use the Steel Plate (Q&T) material to build highly durable, often non-structural products, such as dump bodies, construction buckets, hauling and lifting equipment and more.

Welded Steel Beams

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Welded beams are used in the construction industry for the assembly of support structures and residential and commercial building constructions; it is an analogue of hot-rolled beams manufactured by welding steel sheets.

Universal Steel Columns (H Beam)

From: $31.65
The Haggarty Group supplies universal columns in a few different weights per serial size. All our sizes are  cut to the most appropriate size for your project and shipped to you in our fleet of steel delivering vehicles.

Universal Steel Beams

From: $434.69
In Universal Steel Beams, the vertical part resists shear forces, while the horizontal plates resist most of the bending moment experienced by the beam.