Scrap metal recycling

Make money from scrap metals

Money from scrap metals

With many years of experience in the construction and waste management industries, we can confidently affirm that you can make money from scrap metals.

Oppositely to plastic recycling, which processes are tedious and complex, metal recycling is simple, requires little investment and the margins can be very lucrative.

In this article, The Haggarty Group will explain the different types of metals, and how you can make an additional income from selling to us the scrap sitting in your backyard. We give you cash for your scrap!

According to Rundlevision, selling scrap is becoming a popular, and profitable business to more and more Australians. Therefore, the first thing that you need to know is that metals are classified into two different groups.

Ferrous metals

Metals within this category present two main characteristics, they contain iron and/or steel, and they are magnetic making them easy to separate. Ferrous metals account for the largest volume of metal scrap around the globe; they entail light and heavy steel items such as washing machines, microwaves, truck rims, ships etc. Ferrous scrap is mainly recycled for mechanical construction purposes and for salvaging cars, tractors, and trains.

Non-ferrous metals

Various type of metals falls in this group including tin, nickel, aluminium and copper. Furthermore, due to its wide diversity, some of the objects that we use in our daily lives classify as non-ferrous scraps like aluminium foils and soft drink cans.

Also, since you plan to make a profit out of scrap, it is important to bear in mind that non-ferrous metals are more valuable by the pound than ferrous scrap metals.

How to make a profit?

As with most of the products in the marketplace, scrap metals prices are driven by the supply and demand law, where the less abundant metals i.e. copper are more valuable, than those ones available in great quantities, like aluminium.

Another factor that is of foremost importance is finding an ongoing supplier that can provide you with enough scrap for trading; construction sites and repair workshops are a good way to start.

Finally, we hope this article has given you a good idea of how to make money from scrap metals. For more information about the type of metals that we pay for and our prices please give us a call and talk to one of our specialists at 07 3281 8144 or visit to request a quote; end-to-end service in Ipswich just at your one-stop-shop.