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Welding Gloves Kev Blue

From: $11.40 ex. GST
Welding Gloves Kev Blue is an exceptional choice for heavy-duty welding applications.

Leather Multipurpose Gloves (Pair)

From: $10.40 ex. GST
Leather Multipurpose Gloves (Pair) are safe and challenging for a wide range of industrial applications.

Regulator Argon

From: $128.25 ex. GST
Regulator Argon is an ideal choice for heavy-duty industrial welding gas mixing and regulation.

Gasless Mig Wire .8-.9mm

$25.33$96.72 ex. GST
Gasless Mig Wire .8-.9 is a versatile choice for heavy-duty steel welding applications.

Welding Rods 2.6mm – 3.2mm

$35.53$39.15 ex. GST
Welding Rods 2.6mm - 3.2mm offer a high-quality electrode for multiple welding applications.