The Haggarty Group are industry leaders, supplying a variety of welding supplies for all applications, including your welding shop. With welding rods amongst other products within our range, our professional team can assist in finding the suitable materials for your project or welding supply store.

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Gasless Mig Wire .8-.9mm

$27.86$106.39 inc.GST
Gasless Mig Wire .8-.9 is a versatile choice for heavy-duty steel welding applications.

Welding Gloves Kev Blue

From: $12.54 inc.GST
Welding Gloves Kev Blue is an exceptional choice for heavy-duty welding applications.

Welding Rods 2.6mm – 3.2mm

$39.08$43.07 inc.GST
Welding Rods 2.6mm - 3.2mm offer a high-quality electrode for multiple welding applications.

Leather Multipurpose Gloves (Pair)

From: $11.44 inc.GST
Leather Multipurpose Gloves (Pair) are safe and challenging for a wide range of industrial applications.

Regulator Argon

From: $141.08 inc.GST
Regulator Argon is an ideal choice for heavy-duty industrial welding gas mixing and regulation.