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Visqueen (Builders Film)

From: $99.41 ex. GST
The Versatile Visqueen EcoMembrane DPM is made from a minimum of 90% recycled polyethylene. It’s BBA certified and comes in different thickness ranges. 50*4m ROLL 200M2

Sikaseal® Roof & Gutter 300ml (Sealant/Silicone)

$7.37 ex. GST
Sikaseal® Roof & Gutter is a neutral curing silicone sealant appropriate for outdoor and indoor use.

Roof Insulation

$14.87$178.51 ex. GST
Better roof insulation makes your home‘s environment efficient and lesser energy consumption which helps reducing electricity bills.

Roof Vents (Whirlybird Birds)

From: $143.58
The Haggarty Group supplies Whirlybird turbines that come with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. The primary function of Roof Vents is to exhaust the hot air from inside and lower the inside's temperatures.