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Black or Green PVC Fencing Chain Wire

$103.36$199.38 inc.GST
Cyclone Black and Green chain wire finished with galvanized 2.50mm wire are available in various sizes for prolonged life. CHAIN WIRE 1200*60 PVC Black or Green 20m Lengths

Mini Tie Wire

$10.29$32.29 inc.GST
Tie wires together with loop ties are used to assist in fixing steel.

Star Pickets

From: $3.37
A star picket is commonly manufactured from carbon steel or rail steel. A T-post, Y-post or Star Picket holds down the structure of your fence.

Galvinised Mesh (Chain Wire)

$85.57$184.23 inc.GST
When the low carbon steel wires are processed with a hot-dipped zinc coating chain from all the solder joints, the galvanized Mesh gets its final shape. CHAIN WIRE 1800X60 20M ROLL CHAIN WIRE 2400X50 10M ROLL

Bird Mesh (Bird Proofing)

From: $17.73 inc.GST
Bird Mesh can help you lower your cleaning budget to eliminate the birds’ colossal mess under the solar array and build it as a birds exclusion device. 150*13*.56MM 46M Gal BIRD Proofing

5 Bar Farm Gates

$94.74$220.11 inc.GST
5 Bar Farm Gates are ideal for fencing and segmenting rural farm environments for livestock and human security.