Standard Flashings & Custom Flashing. We can provide a wide range of flashings in a range of materials to ensure the right requirement for your job!

  • The majority of roofing products are custom made. We are working constantly with our suppliers to ensure low lead times, however, due to all of the shortages and how busy the industry is, lead times are constantly changing.

  • Lead times are currently 3 days and more depending on the product.

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Custom Flashings, Guttering, Capping (Quote Only)

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A variety of custom-design flashings are ideal for all purposes in industrial, commercial, and rural steel modification. Available in all styles and designs.

Standard Flashings – Barges, Valleys, Gable Roll

From: $2.24
The Haggarty Group offers everything required in flashings and enhances the appearance of all gutter, roof, and building styles. It is for commercial, industrial, rural, or domestic applications.

Ridge Caps

From: $12.87
A ridge cap having different shapes and sizes is composed of the galvanized metal sheet installed at the top of the roof along the ridge line to show the building’s appealing look to outsiders.

M Pattern & Compact Barge Capping

From: $18.54
M-Pattern Capping and Compact Barge Capping coated with Zinc-Aluminium/ Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium alloy gives lasting protection to the roof and a sleek look.

Valley Flashing (Ribbed)

From: $23.71
Valley Flashing are ideal where two slopes of roof come together to form a valley.