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Fixed Handle Screed 1.2m-4.2m

$43.46$91.71 inc.GST
Heavy Duty Structural Grade Aluminum alloy is the best tool for straightening out concrete.

Telescopic & Push Button Handle 1.8m or 4m

$34.56$65.73 inc.GST
The tool 10947 Telescopic handles from 1.8m to 4m. It is applicable for floating and finishing jobs enabling the work to be achieved from a standing position external from the concrete slab.

Aluminum Bull Floats

$61.81$66.36 inc.GST
Aluminum Bull Floats have a blade with a double rib construction for added strength when smoothing surfaces. This long-wearing aluminum has a proper set balance to make it feel just right.

Fresno Trowel 600

From: $83.96 inc.GST
The Fresno fits with a bracket and tilt mechanism that allows the Fresno trowel to tilt the same as Bull float. It uses to push forwards and pull backward. These rigid 600mm stainless steel are ideal for trowelling concrete floors from a certain point.

Replacement Filaments

$35.09$66.20 inc.GST
Replacement filaments are powder-coated aluminum channel designed for creating rough surfaces after concreting and holds a slim poly filament.

Telescopic Walking Groover

$52.94$90.98 inc.GST
The telescopic walking groover is ideal for creating dents on concrete that help prevent cracking.

Magnesium 16in Float

$37.18$44.19 inc.GST
Magnesium 16in Float is an easy-to-use tool for concrete floating for all construction needs.

Stainless Walking Trowel 600x120mm

From: $61.93 inc.GST
Stainless Walking Trowel 600x120mm is a versatile choice for hand smoothening large areas and decorative work.

Walking Edgar

$42.88$45.11 inc.GST
The straight Walking Edger reduces your bending and time for the task at hand. All you need to do is lock it into position or required angle.


$74.97$88.76 inc.GST
A concrete groover is ideal for creating grooves on smooth concrete slabs.


$16.94$32.69 inc.GST
The Edger is a perfect choice for creating smooth-edge finishes on concrete slabs.

Magneisum Hand Float 510mm

From: $42.46 inc.GST
Magnesium 16in Float is an easy-to-use tool for concrete floating for all construction needs.