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Con-Form Camlock

From: $6.72 inc.GST
Camlocks are one of the key components of the Con-Form system. It’s this little device that can save you hours

Crete Wash 750mL

From: $19.11 inc.GST
Spray Crete-Wash onto dry set of concrete, allow soaking for at least 15 minutes. If it starts to dry reapply or spray a mist of water over the required area to keep the concrete moist. While soaking, agitationof the concrete into a mud-like consistency. For thicker build ups, multiple applications may be needed.

Con-Form Exterior Corner Connector

The Con-Form Exterior Corner Connector is great for connecting 90mm Con-Form in a “T” configuration.

Fibre-Form Board

$103.50 inc.GST
These fibreglass boards create a smooth finish after the concrete cures. That’s because it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Con-Form End Connector

$6.83$10.54 inc.GST
Con-Form End Connector seamlessly connects Con-Form boards together.