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How do I choose the right skip bin for spring cleaning?

Spring is upon us and so it is that time of the year again: the iconic spring clean! This is the opportunity to get rid of all that junk and clutter that’s perhaps been sitting around your home or business for so long.

Let’s be honest, however. Very few people enjoy the task of spring cleaning. While we can’t help you with the act of actually cleaning your place up, we can eliminate your headache of  the multiple back and forth trips to the rubbish bin, or packing trailer after trailer of stuff and going back and forth between home and the junkyard, by providing you with our mobile skip bins.

Skip bins save you time!

Skip bins are a great solution to deal with the headaches around getting rid of junk. All you need to do is order a Skip Bin from us, place your junk in it, and then call us back when you are ready for the professional team at The Haggarty Group to pick it up for you. It’s that simple!

Before you call us for a skip bin however, be aware that there are different types of bins for different needs.

What are the different type of skip bins?

The Haggarty Group hires out several types of skip bins, depending on your needs. It is important to know that not all skip bins will suit your specific needs; skip bins are classified according to the sort of waste that can be disposed in them, or the purpose that they serve. Classification of skip bins is based on the type of waste you will be disposing of, and the type of use for the skip bin. The following outlines the type of skip bins available through The Haggarty Group.

By the type of waste:

General waste bins: These sorts of bins suit light domestic, commercial, and office waste. However, high volume materials are cautioned against, as they may exceed the weight allowance that is allowed.

Green waste bins: These are for the exclusive disposal of green and organic waste like garden weed, wood, trees, etc. These materials must be as close as possible to their natural condition.

• Timber waste bins: Designed for timber only; must be in its natural state.

Concrete / Bricks bins: These are only suitable for residuals of concrete and hard materials such as bricks; no need to sort.

Clean fill bins: These are for transporting trafficable, dry, clean earthen material, like soils, clays or gravel.

Recyclable materials: These include sorted and separated recyclable materials like steel, paper, cardboard, plastic etc.

Mixed waste: Most types of junk is permitted in mixed waste bins.

By purpose:

Residential: The main feature of these sorts of bins is that they are made for short, do it yourself projects or clean ups; food waste is seldom deposited in these bins.

Commercial: Normally these are rented on a semi-permanent basis and are suitable for general-purpose waste and to those businesses that do not generate hazardous substances or chemicals.

Construction: The most common purpose for these skip bins are to store heavy, bulky material; their role on the construction site is to contribute to a safe work environment and injuries as a result of waste piling up.

As you can see there are multiple factors to keep in mind when choosing the type of bin that serves you best. Still not sure? No worries! We’ve got you covered: come in-store now or give us a call, talk to one of our professionals for advice and get that spring cleaning started. The Haggarty Group, your-one stop-shop!