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Con-Form Superflex Board

From: $123.99 inc.GST
Circles in a design come in full circle with SuperFlex Boards. Dimensions: 90mm x 14mm x 4.8M.

Con-Form Camlock

From: $6.72 inc.GST
Camlocks are one of the key components of the Con-Form system. It’s this little device that can save you hours

Crete Wash 750mL

From: $19.11 inc.GST
Spray Crete-Wash onto dry set of concrete, allow soaking for at least 15 minutes. If it starts to dry reapply or spray a mist of water over the required area to keep the concrete moist. While soaking, agitationof the concrete into a mud-like consistency. For thicker build ups, multiple applications may be needed.

Con-Form Hinge Connector

$16.17$21.45 inc.GST
When you want to get that perfect angle – no worries, the Con-Form Hinge Connector will assist you with that.

Con-Form Pin

$7.58$10.11 inc.GST
Ideal for use with our Con-Form Boards, Adjustable Kickers, “C” Purlins and LVL Boards. Pins are pre-drilled for fixing and pointed for easy driving.

Fibre-Form Board

$103.50 inc.GST
These fibreglass boards create a smooth finish after the concrete cures. That’s because it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Con-Form End Connector

$6.83$10.54 inc.GST
Con-Form End Connector seamlessly connects Con-Form boards together.

Con-Form Board

$125.87$171.60 inc.GST

The Flexible Con-Form is durable, easy to set up, and more importantly-- flexible. Create all sorts of shapes and curved path with this option.

How easy is Con-Form? Very! It's fast, lightweight, long-lasting & just super effortless. Traditional methods can be a thing of the past once you make the switch to Con-Form!