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Concreting Ligatures (Ligs)

$3.30$3.91 inc.GST
Concreting ligatures are fitments used to separate the top and bottom layers of trench mesh

COMBO CHAIRS 50/65 (Clip-On)

$17.82$19.80 inc.GST
The combo bar chairs are a robust choice in reinforcing mesh and bar within the concrete cover in the correct location. Sizes: 24/40 Pack 100 50/65 Pack 100 BAGS OF 100

Reo Socks

$1.10$1.25 inc.GST
Reo Socks are the simplest solution to protection from exposed reinforcing bars at the construction site.

Concreting Steel Dowels

$6.31$9.74 inc.GST
Concreting Steel Dowels are used in concrete joining in controlling and avoiding cracking in concrete slabs and generating contraction joints.

Key Joint

$47.00$50.01 inc.GST
Key joints are the primary and constant pour solution in ground floor slabs for contraction joints.

Trench Mesh Supports

From: $17.60 inc.GST
To ensure that your construction is stable and the bar is well reinforced against the flow of concrete, you need spacers and chairs. They make sure that your construction reinforcement remains at the desired height. BAGS OF 25

Visqueen (Builders Film)

From: $124.30 inc.GST
The Versatile Visqueen EcoMembrane DPM is made from a minimum of 90% recycled polyethylene. It’s BBA certified and comes in different thickness ranges. 50*4m ROLL 200M2

Sticky Ableflex (25m Roll)

$38.27 inc.GST
Abeflex foam joint is crucial in filling expanded joints in concrete joints, brick joints and hinge joints. 100mm x 10mm (25m Roll)

Reo Ties

$34.74$53.90 inc.GST
Reo tie wires are an easy solution for steel fixing for a range of jobs. Commonly used in concreting and fencing. Roll: 2000 Ties

Dowel Serts 16mm (Speed Sleeve + Plate)

From: $5.31 inc.GST
The Dowel serts 16mm is made to be used with round dowels, thus eliminating the need for drilling and greasing dowels. Each


From: $15.76 inc.GST
The Crack-A-Joint is the magic you need to control surface cracking and continuity as you continue with construction. 25mm @ 3m