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Sika Flex range of products

The Haggarty Group has partnered up with Sika Australia. One of the most innovative manufacturers and chemical supplier for the construction and building industries. In this article, we will focus on the specifications of Sika Flex range products, and how these items can be of help in your next project.

The Sika Flex range refers to the set of high-performance long-lasting sealants tapes, spray foams and elastic adhesives. This type of sealants and adhesives can be used in a wide variety of projects such as finishing interior design jobs; as well as for infrastructure construction.

Products use

•           Sikaflex 11FC: It is a multipurpose elastic adhesive and joint sealant. This product seals most construction material, acoustic ceiling tiles, floor moldings, and skirting boards.

•           Sikaflex PRO: Without a doubt, one of the most versatile sealants in the marketplace. Its application ranged from sealing concrete to sealing against draughts, or even between concrete panels in the driveway.

•           Sikaflex PRO – SL: Made for horizontal applications in movement and areas with traffic such as roads and walking pathways. It is also commonly used for tunnel constructions and for ceramic tiles.

•           Sikaflex 521 UV: This sealant protects against external elements such as humidity and UV exposure. Thanks to its weather-resistant features and 1- component Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) this product is suitable for internal and external application,  including boats and cars.

•           Sikaflex 255 Extra: It is a cold-applied adhesive designed to be distributed through application guns, by experienced professionals only. The main use for this adhesive is to replace automotive glass. It brings two main benefits, adhesion and cushioning the glass against vibration and the shock impact.

To find out more about the various application of these products, please refer to

As you can see, Sika Flex range of products can be utilised in a variety of ways due to their long-lasting effects, versatility, and high-technology features!

Whatever your needs, at The Haggarty Group we have you covered. Visit our local Ipswich store, and one of our friendly guys will be able to help you choose the Sikaflex product that best suits your needs.