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Concrete for your home and office

In with the new, out with the old! At Haggarty we have kept up to date with the latest in interior design global trends, which have been completely revolutionised by the use of concrete in the home and the office.

Using concrete is a terrific way to make a statement. Whether it be for flooring, walls, or many other applications, concrete can give any room a sophisticated, modern look and feel.

Why should you consider concrete for your next interior design project?

First, concrete has many benefits not just thanks to its material properties, but additionally in the versatility of its use.

Some of the main advantages and benefits of using concrete for the home or office interior design include:

  • Affordability
  • Limitless options in terms of creative use
  • Long material lifespan
  • Easy, hassle-free maintenance
  • Stain and moisture resistant
  • Concrete promotes a low allergen
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Pet friendly
  • Can be heated
  • Could be treated in several ways, from staining to polishing
  • Suitable anywhere in the home or office

How can concrete be used for interior design?

In the world of interior design, concrete has been used for many years to give that ‘industrial’ look and feel. However, let’s not lock-in concrete as a cold, heartless industrial product! Oppositely, think of concrete as a product to utilise for bringing vigour and freshness to room.

So how can you use concrete for interior design?

  • Concrete floors – perhaps the most well-known use of concrete for interior design is in the form of concrete flooring. The flexibility of concrete allows adding various effects to the concrete floor, enabling it to blend in with virtually any design.
  • Walls – a great way to make a statement is the use of concrete as part of signature or feature walls.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms – from countertops to concrete sinks, concrete is a great product to use in areas with moisture and requiring features that include resistance to germs and easy maintenance.
  • Concrete throughout the house – have you ever considered using concrete for your fireplace? Or getting a concrete coffee table? How about a concrete staircase?

As you can see, concrete is an amazing product: versatile, affordable, super durable.

The Haggarty Group – your concrete suppliers of choice

Whatever your concrete project needs, at The Haggarty Group we have you covered. Visit us online or pop into our local Ipswich concrete supplies store.