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New Financial Year and what it means for you!

After all the stress of getting ready for the end of financial year, be it in the preparation of your business and personal paperwork or managing the end of year business requirements, the start of a new financial year is here again! This fresh beginning might be a tremendous opportunity for you to run a finances health check, lay the foundations for financial growth over the next year, and even cut back in expenses by taking advantage of promotions retailers are currently running.

To make the most of this new financial year period,  The Haggarty Group wanted to share some tips with you:

  • Forecast your needs and buy-in bulk: By understanding and organising your order needs in the long run, you are able to supply your products all-year-round without the usual concern of running low in stock. In addition, when you buy in bulk, your cost per unit is significantly reduced, as are your transportation costs. This leads to stronger margins, and the ability for you to offer even better process to your customers.
  • Purchasing stock in advance, with the option of picking it up throughout the year: This is a powerful tactic, used to make the best out of deals! The benefits of buy-in bulk with the facility of picking stock up as you require it can lead to considerable savings in both cost per unit and storage cost, and still offering/acquiring low-cost products.   
  • Locking prices: Some retailers are open to discussing the option of locking in prices, in return for guaranteed minimum order quantities that you will do throughout the year. If you have fixed order quantities that you are certain to place within a determined period of time, this is a beneficial option to secure a competitive pricing for your future orders, providing a win-win scenario for you and your supplier.

At The Haggarty group we are now running our New Financial Year Deals! These are available in store, to help you get the best prices for a range of products. Come and stock up your home and/or business, but hurry before the deals end!

  • 10% Off paint purchases*
  • Price matching any quote on concreting meshing*
  • Extra free week on skip bins*
  • Free cut on steel purchases*
    *T&C’s apply