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Timber vs Metal Fencing: Which One Is Better? 

The age-old debate of timber vs metal fencing. If you’re currently on the fence about which to use, this article can help guide you to. The choice between timber and metal fencing depends on a number of factors, including your specific needs, preferences, budget, and the purpose of the fence. We compare timber and metal fencing Brisbane below to help you make an informed decision.

Strength & Durability

Generally speaking, both types of fences are strong and durable. However, the scales do tip more towards metal fencing in terms of both.

Timber fencing: While timber is known to be strong, they can still get damaged, break and get knocked down due to extreme weather, such as powerful prolonged wind gusts. Wood is also prone to rot, termites, and weathering if not properly maintained. If properly treated and cared for, timber fences can last for many years, however you must be willing to dedicate time and effort for its upkeep and maintenance.

Metal fencing: Metal fences, such as aluminum or steel, are generally more durable and resistant to weather conditions, pests, and rot. Some metals also have the potential risk of rust, however there are rust-proof options. Metal fencing Brisbane is ideal as it can withstand harsh elements for an extended period with minimal maintenance required.

 Aesthetic Appeal

Again, there is a strong case for both types of fences when it comes to aesthetics. Ultimately, this one will come down to your personal taste and preference. Some things to consider here are:

Timber fencing: Wood fences are known to exude a natural and warm appearance that blends well with most outdoor environments. With timber fences you can create a rustic or traditional look, and since they can be stained or painted to match your desired style, it is easy to make them blend in seamlessly to your existing decor.

Metal fencing: Metal fences on the other hand can offer a more sleek and modern appearance. Metal fencing Brisbane often come in various colors and styles, providing flexibility in achieving the specific look you’re aiming for.


Something people often overlook when choosing fencing material is the consideration of how much time and effort will need to be invested into the maintenance of your fence. If you don’t have or want to invest much (or any) time or resources into fence maintenance, metal is the more viable option.

Timber fencing: Wood fences generally require regular maintenance, including staining, sealing, or painting, to protect them from moisture, decay and termites. Note also that repairs may be needed over time due to wear and tear and weather conditions.

Metal fencing: Metal fences generally require less maintenance. They do not need painting or staining, however some may require occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris.


More often than not, people opt for fencing due to security reasons. For others, while it may not be the only reason to put up a fence, they still expect at least some level of security from their fencing. Taking into account strength, metal fencing does win over the security battle.

Timber fencing: While timber fences can provide some level of security, they are not as strong and therefore impenetrable as metal fences. They can be climbed over and may not offer the same level of deterrence against intruders, as they are usually perceived to be weaker.

Metal fencing: Metal fences offer more strength and can be designed to be more secure and difficult for intruders to breach. Metal fencing Brisbane can be taller and have fewer footholds for climbing, making them a better option for security purposes.


Your budget can heavily influence which type of fencing you end up with, however when considering the cost factor, it’s important to keep in mind the long-run costs, rather than just the upfront ones.

Timber fencing: Wood fences are known to be a more affordable option compared to metal fences, especially if you use a cost-effective type of wood. However, ongoing maintenance costs should be taken into consideration as overtime this can add to and ultimately cost more than the upfront cost required for metal fencing.

Metal fencing: Metal fences are generally a more expensive investment  initially, however their long-term durability and lower maintenance costs can offset the higher upfront investment.

Environmental Impact

With more conscious consumers now than ever before, the environmental factor needs to be mentioned.

Timber fencing: Wood is a renewable resource, however if you’re shopping for an enviro-friendly option, it’s essential to choose sustainably sourced timber to minimise environmental impact. Generally speaking, acquiring wood means the cutting down of another forest, which impacts wildlife and contributes to your carbon footprint.

Metal fencing: Metal fences can be recycled, which can be beneficial for the environment. While the manufacturing process can involve more energy consumption there are options that can mitigate or at least reduce negative environmental impacts, such as opting for Colorbond fencing Brisbane. Colourbond is one of the most popular types of metal fences in Australia. Over the years, Colourbond have been dedicated to creating a more sustainable option for metal fencing, resulting in Colourbond steel – which is durable and resilient to Australia’s harsh climate meaning a longer lifespan, that in turn helps conserve the resources and energy that may otherwise be invested in products with a shorter life span.


The decision between timber and metal fencing will ultimately depend on your preferences, taste and specific requirements. However, when considering key factors such as budget, aesthetics, durability, maintenance, security, and environmental impact, the case for metal fencing Brisbane does appear stronger.

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