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The Importance of Keeping Your Gutters Clean

With a wealth of options for roofing guttering in Brisbane, choosing one for your home that is designed to prevent the accumulation of water is a great starting point however, maintenance is still required to keep in best working conditions.

Over time, debris such as leaves, seeds, dirt and dust, animal droppings, and feathers can build up in your gutter and as a result, can reduce the efficiency of your roofing guttering. 


Why Do I Have to Clean My Gutters?

Cleaning your gutters can be a tedious task however, it is crucial to preventing more significant problems in the future. 

Storm season is accompanied by large downpours of rain in short periods of time, meaning your gutters need to be equipped to deal with substantial volumes of water. If your roofing guttering in Ipswich is full of debris, this water has nowhere to go and can seep into your roofing and wall cavities. Consequently, this can cause issues with mould, electrics, and may require additional structural repairs. 

Moreover, debris sitting in your gutters can act as a catalyst for ageing your roofing guttering, causing rust and other damage over time. With leaf litter and other debris coating the bottom of your roofing guttering, the acidic environment caused by their degradation can cause rusting and ageing at a faster rate, and can weaken the structural integrity of your roofing guttering. 

Moist leaf litter and debris creates the ideal breeding ground for pests such as mosquitoes and cockroaches, which can then easily take residence in your home. When water can’t flow from your gutters it creates standing water which creates the perfect mosquito hatching environment, safe from predators and ideal for nesting.

Finally, in drier weeks during fire season it can be incredibly dangerous to have leaf litter in your gutters. Highly flammable leaves, sticks, and other debris can accelerate fire damage to your home should you experience a fire in your area. 


What’s the First Solution?

The first step to ensuring your home and guttering is safe is selecting a durable and high-quality guttering system and ensuring it is installed correctly. With a wide variety of options for roofing guttering in Ipswich, finding gutters that are made from high quality can improve the longevity of your gutters. Your guttering should be resistant to rust and corrosion and feature purposeful design to prevent build up and water accumulation. Installation should also be completed by a professional, who has the experience and knowledge to ensure that they are adequately sloping and will transport water efficiently in the event of rain.

Prevention is always the best solution, so utilising preventative measures can help your gutters stay cleaner for longer. For affordable options, using blue mountain mesh or eaves filler strips can keep your gutters clear without having to break the bank. Better yet, these solutions can be installed by either a professional roofer or, if you feel confident, can be installed yourself.  


How Can I Clean my Gutters?

There are a number of gutter-cleaning businesses who are able to help in clearing your roofing guttering in Brisbane however, if you are confident you can do it yourself there are some considerations to take. 

Gather the necessary equipment including gloves, a large bucket, a sturdy ladder, and a brush or scraper prior to attempting any cleaning. 

When clearing your gutter, you should always have 3 points of contact to your ladder, ensuring your two feet and one hand are on the ladder at all times. Your bucket should be hooked on to your ladder to prevent having to climb up and down constantly, and as you scoop any debris out you should always be wearing gloves. A brush or scraper can be used to get the stubborn or hard-to-reach debris, and any last remaining debris will be washed away in the next rain.

Although cleaning your gutters can seem like a tedious and challenging task, when equipped with the proper tools and knowledge, you will clean and safe roof guttering in no time! Enjoy this Australian summer stress free knowing you’re ready for anything. 


Replacing your Guttering 

Sometimes your guttering may be beyond help and require replacement. Whether your gutters are victims of age, extreme weather, or improper care over the years, there is a wealth of knowledge for how to choose replacements for roofing guttering in Brisbane. Reach out to your local roofing experts for advice and expertise to find the perfect guttering for your home.