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Sikafloor Level-30 | Self Levelling Compound

From: $70.00 inc.GST
Sikafloor level-30 is a high-performance polymer that is modified into a self-leveling compound for interior and exterior applications. It meets the requirements of class R3 according to EN 1504 – 3. It is suitable for restoration work, and it is for structural strengthening.

SikaFloor Level Top

From: $42.09 inc.GST
Sikafloor is an economical and high-flowing self-leveling underlayment compound used to level concrete substrates before the application of Commercial and domestic flooring. It can lay up to 2mm to 30mm thick in one application.

SikaFloor Level Eco

From: $39.25 inc.GST
Sikafloor Level Eco is an economical high build leveling and smoothing compound that can lay from 3mm to 75mm thick in one application. It is often installed by pumping equipment on commercial and domestic projects.