Building Supplies

Innovative Building Supplies That Could Change The Building Game

One of the great things about the building industry is the fact that it is constantly expanding and advancing. What was cutting edge building supplies five years probably isn’t even seen as such today, and that is because there are so many different inventions and innovations coming out on a regular basis in the 21st century. The prospect of undertaking and designing a new building project these days is one that should spark great excitement, simply because of the new tools, materials and techniques that are available.


3D Printed Bioplastics

The industry is really working to eliminate the big problem of material waste in building, and the latest innovation to combat that is large 3D printers that can create large and complex structures and building elements. These precise printouts mean that there will be far less extra material and waste at the end of a job.


Programmable Cement

Cement is still widely used but has the drawback of being porous which allows lots of water and chemicals to make their mark over time. In America, however, something called programmable cement has been invented, which is a solution that has a molecular structure which more tightly packs the cement. This results in a more dense, less porous material.



An amazing development for hot countries, hydroceramics are a new type of building material that can react to a warm environment and bring down a room’s internal temperature by as much as 5 degrees compared to outside. You can imagine how beneficial this would be in the blazing heat of the Australian summer!


bioMASON Bricks

The environmental problem with bricks is that you have to fire them up in a kiln to such high temperatures, but these bricks are hoping to change that trend. These bioMASON bricks can be forged in more ambient temperatures, by placing sand in rectangular moulds and injecting them with bacteria that wraps around the grains and binds them. You add water over a few days and end up with a solid set of bricks!


So, if you need building supplies in Brisbane, Ipswich or surrounding areas, then please don’t hesitate to try Haggarty Group! We can assure you that we will have everything that you need you need in order to get a good building project well and truly underway.