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SHS Steel

From: $3.99
Square Hollow Section can come in a range of many different wall thicknesses and sizes, most comely used for handy man projects like posts or for setting up gates. Can come in either blue primed/painted or galvanised. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 when you enter full length)

RHS Steel

From: $8.03
Comes in blue primed or galvanised, used for construction or fabrication purposes and also handyman projects. Can vary in many different sizes and thicknesses to help suit your project/ application requirements. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 when you enter full length)

Steel Flat Bar

From: $4.59
We have a large flat bar inventory ready to meet your needs even in emergency situations. The size of the project is not an issue. All meet Australian standards. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 when you order a full length)

Steel Angle

From: $6.63
Available in full lengths of 6m or only pay for what you need with cut to size being offered for your convenience. Steel Angle is great for fabrication, repairs and bracing. Your imagination is the limit. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 if you enter a full length)

Galvanised & Black Pipe

From: $8.02
Available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, lengths and finishes, we can provide for a large range of projects of any size. Offering cut to length to save you time and money. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 if you order full length)

Duragal Angle

From: $9.56
The Duragal coating technology is accepted around the globe. Haggarty’s Duragal Angle profiles are commonly installed in framing and structural applications that require a rust-resistant $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 when you order full lengths)

Square Steel Bar

From: $5.59
Our standard square bar or box bar, composed of steel, is available in stainless steel, brass, mild steel, and aluminium as per the requirements of the builders and engineers. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 when you order full length)

Duragal Channel

From: $246.83
C-shaped or UPE channel steel with parallel flanges coated with DuraGal® is known as Duragal channel. It is not only used for structural support but also installed as a rust-resistant product.

Duragal Flat Bar

From: $12.54
Duragal Flat Bar ranges from 50 – 200mm width and from 4-5mm thickness all at 6m lengths. Most commonly used in applications that require rust resistance. The Duragal coating technology is recognized around the globe. The Haggarty’s Duragal profiles are In-line Hot Dip Galvanized to 91.5 g/sq. mt. after forming. $2.50 Cutting Fee ($0 when you order full lengths)

Square Steel Billet

From: $504.48
Square Billet can be transformed into a variety of products after the processing stage. The Haggarty Group’s billets can be heated upto 1,050 to 1150°C for transforming any required shape.

Steel Round Bar

From: $14.58
Steel round bars are a substantial part of building material and used in a large quantity for industrial and commercial applications. The length and width of the steel round bar are flexible as per the customers' requirements and the engineering of the building.

Steel Sheet Plate (Hot Rolled & Galvabond) (Price On Request)

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The Haggarty Group Stocks a variety of Steel Coil and Steel Sheet solutions. Such plates are hot-dipped with zinc coating and spangled surface steel plates.