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Corrugated Roofing & Wall Cladding (Corodek®)

From: $6.27
Corodek® corrugated roofing & wall cladding is steel coloured by COLORBOND ® for a sophisticated and traditional look, suitable for roof covering & walling.

Top Hats

From: $10.13
Top Hats are a necessary item in many building situations. Large industrial buildings, small commercial and residential situations can be easy or complex. We have a myriad of options for you to choose from. Made with the highest quality steel.

C & Z Section Purlins

From: $10.46
Haggarty offers a wide variety of purlins and girts. There are many options available for all sorts of commercial and residential situations. Our Z & C Purlins and Girts are top of the line.

Custom Flashings, Guttering, Capping (Quote Only)

Call or Order For Price
A variety of custom-design flashings are ideal for all purposes in industrial, commercial, and rural steel modification. Available in all styles and designs.

Trimclad Roofing & Wall Cladding

From: $4.68
TRIMCLAD® commercial & industrial roofing & walling roof covering and wall surface cladding products are manufactured from high tensile G550 or G 300 zinc-aluminum layered or colour coated steel satisfying AS 1397. Haggarty offers a wide variety of colours as well as surfaces.

Posts & Rails

From: $11.77
Posts & Rails are excellent choices for fencing high-wind, scattered trees, and open spaces.

Roofmates Screws (Multipurpose for Roofing & Wall Cladding)

From: $7.33
In the roofing accessories, roofmates multipurpose for Roofing and Wall Cladding are ideal choices for covering and boundary wall applications.

Standard Flashings – Barges, Valleys, Gable Roll

From: $2.24
The Haggarty Group offers everything required in flashings and enhances the appearance of all gutter, roof, and building styles. It is for commercial, industrial, rural, or domestic applications.

Ridge Caps

From: $12.87
A ridge cap having different shapes and sizes is composed of the galvanized metal sheet installed at the top of the roof along the ridge line to show the building’s appealing look to outsiders.

Steelmates Screws (Self Drilling For Metal)

From: $10.37
Self-drilling screws can be identified by the drill bit shaped point of the screw and are designed for a variety of applications such as fencing, walling, hinges, slats, decking, fastening metal to metal and metal to wood.

150 Low Front Quad Gutter

From: $14.98
Low Front Quad Gutters are technically designed to prevent the accumulation of water. It is available in various sizes depending on requirements.

Big M Gutter

From: $10.80
The Big M Gutter is a modern and contemporary profile. It provides clean, straight lines, excellent water carry capacity, and a beautiful finish to any project.