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Starter Bar

$3.53$6.44 inc.GST
Walls are often attached to footings or concrete slabs by starter bars. Therefore you can never go wrong with starter bars in your construction. 1000mm X 200mm

Deformed Bar

$13.75$78.09 inc.GST
A deformed reinforcing bar is crucial when reinforcement of trench mesh or fabric sheets is required in construction. They help increase stability and relieve mechanical stress. Size: 6m

Reinforcing Mesh

$85.27$178.17 inc.GST
The reinforcing mesh offered by The Haggarty Group is the best reinforcing mesh for all your construction needs.

Corner Bar

$3.61$6.44 inc.GST
The best bars tie together two parts of a structure that are at right angles to each other. Size: 600mm X 600mm


$19.12$43.69 inc.GST
The trench mesh is made from high-grade D500L ribbed reinforcing wire and is just what you need for the construction of foot trenches in residential areas. 6000mm x 200mm

Concreting Ligatures (Ligs)

$3.30$3.91 inc.GST
Concreting ligatures are fitments used to separate the top and bottom layers of trench mesh

COMBO CHAIRS 50/65 (Clip-On)

$17.82$19.80 inc.GST
The combo bar chairs are a robust choice in reinforcing mesh and bar within the concrete cover in the correct location. Sizes: 24/40 Pack 100 50/65 Pack 100 BAGS OF 100

Reo Socks

$1.10$1.25 inc.GST
Reo Socks are the simplest solution to protection from exposed reinforcing bars at the construction site.

Sikaseal® Roof & Gutter 300ml (Sealant/Silicone)

$10.78 inc.GST
Sikaseal® Roof & Gutter is a neutral curing silicone sealant appropriate for outdoor and indoor use.

Sika Grout Gp | General purpose cementing grout

From: $24.75 inc.GST
SikaGrout GP is a mixture of Portland cement, typically used for filling voids under machines, sealing joints and cracks.

Concreting Steel Dowels

$6.31$9.74 inc.GST
Concreting Steel Dowels are used in concrete joining in controlling and avoiding cracking in concrete slabs and generating contraction joints.

Key Joint

$47.00$50.01 inc.GST
Key joints are the primary and constant pour solution in ground floor slabs for contraction joints.